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Orgonomic Diagnosis of Cancer Biopathy

Bound Photocopy $16.95

Reich originally published this 64-page digest in April 1952 as Volume 4, Number 2 of the Orgone Energy Bulletin. This is essentially a laboratory manual for performing the three-part Reich Blood Test--i.e., a diagnostic for the early detection of disease processes in the body--derived from Reich's cancer course at Orgonon in July and August 1950.

The Reich Blood Test comprises (1) The Microscopic Test (2) The Autoclavation Test and (3) The Blood Culture Test.

This publication includes pages of photographs from Reich's time-lapse films documenting the development of bions, T-bacilli [a virulent form of bion--the T stands for Tod, the German word for death] and cancer cells. There are also pages of Reich's drawings depicting these biological processes, which are easy for the average reader to follow.

Together with Reich's 1948 book The Cancer Biopathy, this is one of the most valuable primary materials about Reich's cancer research and the practical application of his laboratory and clinical findings.

Read an excerpt [PDF]


I. Introduction

  • Rules to follow in basic research

  • Functional identity between origin of cancer cells and origin of protozoa

  • Cancer cells—end product of a long series of changes

  • Disintegration of all living matter into bions and into T-bacilli

II. The Reich Blood Test

  • The Microscopic Test: Disintegration of RBC [red blood cells] in physiological saline

  • Characteristics of bio-energetically vigorous blood and of bio-energetically weak blood

  • Tautness and speed of disintegration indicative of the orgone energy content of the RBC

  • The Autoclavation Test: Cohesion a function of the orgone energy present

  • Macroscopic and microscopic picture of autoclaved blood

  • The Blood Culture Test

III. The T-Bacilli

  • Methods of determining the presence of T-bacilli

  • Microscopic examination of the fresh material

  • The culturing of T-bacilli

  • Staining of T-bacilli for permanent mounts

  • The injection of T-bacilli into mice to produce cancer

  • Functional developmental processes in production of cancer tumor

  • Importance of examination of tissues in living state

IV. Orgonomic Examination of Body Secretions

  • Orgonomic diagnosis of uterine cancer biopathy possible years before appearance of classical picture

  • The healthy vaginal secretion

  • Vaginal secretion indicative of cancer biopathy

  • Transition of healthy tissue cells into cancer cells

V. Indications for the Use of the Orgone Energy Accumulator

  • Stages of cancer in which the use of the accumulator is indicated

  • Changing of T-reaction to B-reaction

VI. The Medical Efficacy of the Orgone Energy Accumulator

  • Reaction of the RBC to cancer cells

  • Earth (PA) bions in combination with Ca blood

  • The orgonomic potential

  • Orgonotic field action, lumination and excitation in the orgone energy accumulator

  • Charging of the RBC and tissues with bio-energy by means of the accumulator

  • Prevention of cancer—a social problem

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